Counselling Issues

These are some of the types of concerns that clients have when they walk in my office. Working together, the aim is to alleviate suffering where possible, to grow with the changes, and to learn to live an engaged and authentic life aligned with your values

  • Mood: depression, manic-depressive (bipolar), dysthymia, seasonal-affective
  • Anxiety: generalized, panic, phobia, social, separation, obsessive-compulsive
  • Emotions: shame, guilt, self-blame, anger, sadness, worthlessness, self-harm
  • Existential: identity, meaning, purpose, transitions, self-esteem, spirituality
  • Trauma: adjustment, post-traumatic stress, chronic shame, crisis
  • Eating Disorders: anorexia, bullimia, binge-eating
  • Addictions: substance, behaviour
  • Relational: couples, family, peers, co-workers
  • Chronic or Terminal Illnesses: adjustment, chronic pain, end-of-life care
  • Grief & Loss: bereavement, complicated grief, disenfranchised grief
  • Athletics: performance anxiety